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What Kind of Landlord Are You?

What Kind of Landlord Are You?

Do you rent out a property? If you’ve ever had to deal with the highs and lows that come with being a landlord, then you’ve probably encountered quite a few tenants in your time. Whether you’re currently renting out one house or ten; to students or to a family, take our quiz below to see which type of landlord you are.

1. How involved do you get with your tenants when letting out a property?

A. Pretty involved. I give my tenants their own space, but make sure to check in from time to time so that everything is kept up to date.

B. Not very involved. I only really get in touch when they contact me with a problem.

C. What tenants? I barely know they’re there!


2. Your tenant calls you and says their boiler has broken down. What do you do?

A. Get straight round to the property or send someone over. A boiler problem is a high priority!

B. I’ll send someone over within a few days. It doesn’t have to be immediately.

C. I’ll just wait until I’ve got some time to sort it. No rush.


3. How clued up are you on your gas safety regulations?

A. Pretty savvy. I make sure that all of my gas appliances are checked regularly and are in line with all the legislation.

B. I know that they’re important, but I would have to give it a Google to remind myself of the finer details.

C. Erm, not a clue.


4. Your tenant is moving out and you’ve just agreed on the amount of deposit you’ll return to them. How quickly do you pay it back?

A. Within a few days. If they’ve been a good tenant it’s only fair to pay them back promptly.

B. Within one to two weeks. It’s not the highest thing on my to-do list, but I won’t forget to do it.

C. Whenever I remember. They have had to chase me up in the past!


5. Are all the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in your rented property working?

A. Yes. They’ve all been checked recently, and I make sure to test them whenever I get the chance.

B. Hmm, maybe. They’re definitely still in place, but I haven’t checked the batteries in a while.

C. I can’t remember the last time I checked them. I assumed that my tenants would do that.

Moving in

Mostly A’s: Congratulations! From all accounts, you’re a friendly and reliable landlord. Your tenants feel like they can turn to you when they have a problem, and you believe in keeping them happy. Keep up the good work!

Mostly B’s: Not bad! You might have some areas to improve on and you could probably do with refreshing your memory on some of the finer details, but with a bit of improvement you’re well on your way to being a great landlord.

Mostly C’s: Hmm. We think you might be missing out on some of the landlord basics here! Whilst it can be a pain to keep up to date with all of the regulations and technical details associated with rented a property, it really does save you more time and hassle in the long run to get them sorted. Your tenants will be a lot happier, which makes your life easier too!


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